Gorilla GKS-200 is a two-tier keyboard/synth stand which is perfect for touring or for the professional mobile musician. Folding completely flat, the GKS-200 is completely portable and can be assembled in seconds. GKS-200 keyboard stand is height adjustable from 39-51" both standing and seated playing positions are supported. Width is also adjustable meaning that anything from a 25-key midi controller to a full 61-key electric piano will be supported.

High-quality metal construction and reinforced steel-braced joints ensure that the GKS-200 remains sturdy and stable even when fully loaded. Strong rubber feet which are non-marking ensure the stand doesn't slip when in use. GKS-200 is suitable for a variety of applications, from the electric-pianist playing background music in a lounge, bar or restaurant to the DJ/producer playing live with synth and midi controllers. An impressive 40kg capacity makes sure that, whatever your instrument of choice, the GKS-200 will never buckle.

Gorilla GKS-200 Two Tier Keyboard Stand

  • High-quality metal construction
  • Height adjustable
  • Width adjustable
  • Steel braced joints
  • Suitable for 25-61-key
  • Unbeatable quality and price