Gorilla GKS-300 is a professional, all-in-one music stand which is perfect for the solo performer or for vocalists who also play keys. At its' heart, the GKS-300 is an extremely strong and reliable, portable keyboard stand which is height-adjustable and suitable for electronic pianos, synths and conventional electric keyboards.

Where the GKS-300 comes into its' own is that it incorporates a high-quality microphone boom and sheet music stand into its' compact design. The boom arm is completely adjustable to suit the performers style and the sheet stand is elevated above the keyboard to ensure it is always clearly visible while performing.  GKS-300 would be ideal for a lounge-performer who wants a compact setup which can be setup in seconds and packed away equally quickly.

Genuine rubber feet and grips eliminate any slippage while playing while a sturdy metal frame and braced metal joints ensure the stand remains strong and dependable while playing

Gorilla GKS-300 keyboard Stand

  • All-in-one stand
  • Compact and portable
  • Adjustable microphone boom
  • Integrated sheet music stand
  • High quality construction
  • Braced metal joints