Gorilla GLS-02 is a professional quality portable laptop stand designed to meet the demands of the modern digital DJ. Based around the best-selling GLS-01 laptop stand the 02 features the same high-quality metal construction which is black powder-coated for a professional finish at to protect the stand against everyday marks, scuffs and scratches.

GLS-02 features an additional, lower shelf which is perfect for storage of audio interfaces, external soundcards and storage devices. An all metal construction with high-quality fixtures and fittings ensure the stand remains rigid and sturdy when in use. The GLS-2 is adjustable for height and width meaning it can be tailored to your setup and keep your gear at the most accessible and ergonomic position.

Gorilla GLS-02 Laptop Stand with Shelf

As with the popular GLS-01, the GLS-02 laptop stand can be used free-standing, as a permanent fixture on your DJ desk or DJ booth or clamped to your flightcase (clamps included). Assembled in seconds, in addition to laptops upto 17", the GLS-02 can also support a number of popular DJ mixers, lighting controllers and effects units.


  • All-metal construction
  • Height-adjustable
  • Width-adjustable
  • Hard-wearing powder coated finish
  • Additional shelf
  • Versatile mounting options


  • Four heights: 23.5,27.5,31.5,36cm
  • Three widths: 29,26.5,24cm