Gorilla GSP-130 is a fully-adjustable telescopic speaker pole suitable for connecting bass bins and tops. This high-quality steel pole is extentable upto 130cm and is 35mm in diameter meaning it will fit any speaker with an industry-standard top-hat fitting.

Adjusting the length of the speaker pole is quick and easy and the pole is secured using a single screw-in clamp. There is also a safety retaining pin for additional security when using the poles. As the GSP-130 poles are telescopic they can be compacted down for easy portability and make them ideal for mobile disco, bands and other performers who are 'on the road'

Gorilla GSP-130 35mm Telescopic Speaker Pole

Gorilla GSP-130 130cm Satelite Speaker Pole Features & Specifications:


  • Extends upto 130cm
  • Strong steel construction
  • Quick and easy to adjust
  • Smart black finish
  • Single securing screw
  • Safety retaining pin
  • Fits standard 35mm top hats

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