Introducing the GTS-02 from Gorilla Stands. This 3m goalpost/truss lighting stand system is perfect for large mobile applications where a large lightshow is being used and strong, reliable support is required. The 3 meter flat truss section is supported at either end by a pair of high-quality tripod stands each with its own T-bar section for attaching further lighting fixtures. Combined, the truss lighting bridge and T-bars offer a total maximum load of 120kg which is enough to support a substantial amount of lighting effects. Height adjustable upto an amazing 4m, the GTS-02 is perfect for larger venues where you want a long-throw from your lighting effects.

Gorilla GTS-02 Lighting 3M Truss Stand

Thanks to its' rigid steel construction, the GTS-02 remains stable even when fully loaded and doesn't sag under the weight like other, lower quality stands. The black-powder coated finish not only looks smart but helps keep the stand looking good by helping to protect it from everyday marks and scuffs. Despite its' size, the GTS-02, 3m trussing system is quick and easy to setup with only mimimal fixings required. Invest in quality support for your lightshow with the GTS-02 from Gorilla Stands.

GTS-02 Features:

  • 3m Flat truss section
  • Strong tripod support
  • 2 Additional t-bars
  • Tough steel construction
  • Assemble in minutes
  • Exceptional quality and value

GTS-02 Specifications:

  • Max Height: 400cm
  • Max Load: 120kg

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