Gorilla Stands GS4CS is a high-quality carpeted shelf to fit 4-ff disco stands ( Gorilla GDT-4 Stand shown in image not included) . This universal-fit shelf is suitable for all the most popular 4-foot stands including Prolight Stan 12, ADJ MTS4 and Ultimax models. Gorilla's 4 foot disco shelf features a sturdy wooden construction and professional, hard-wearing carpet covering. This quality carpet finish stand has a 'grippy' surface which ensures the stability of your equipment while mixing. These superb shelves combine professional style and finish with robust reliability and the lowest price around.

Gorilla GDT-4 Stand shown in image not included

Gorilla Stands 4FT Carpet Shelf

Gorilla Stands 4FT Carpeted Shelf Features:

  • Smart Durable Finish
  • Heat Applied Carpet
  • Fold Under covering for best image
  • Quick to position and remove
  • Gorilla stands quality
  • Exceptional Quality

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