This listing is for one Lime Light Foldable DJ Screen Replacement Lycra.

The must have accessory for your foldable DJ screen is finally here. The Lime Light Foldable DJ Screen Lycra is the perfect replacement for your tired and old cloths. We understand that no matter how careful you are, when you're on the road, accidents do happen and time takes it toll on the original lycras, whether thats aging Velcro, stains, marks or even rips and tears, they do get damaged. This original replacement is universal to fit on all types of 4-panel foldable DJ screens, including Lime Light, Equinox and many more!

Say goodbye to your old worn out cloths and hello to the fresh, bright and white Lime Light Foldable DJ Screen replacement Lycra which can be attached to your existing DJ screen in seconds via strong Velcro edging.

Lime Light DJ Screen Replacment Lycra Cloth

Light Foldable DJ Screen Replacement Lycra Features:

  • Universal Fit For 4-Panel Foldable DJ Screens
  • Easy Fit
  • Strong Integrated Velcro Strips
  • High Quality White Stretchable Lycra

Light Foldable DJ Screen Replacement Lycra Specification:

  • Colour: White
  • Material: Lycra
  • To Be Hand Washed At 30 Degrees
  • Not Suitable For Tumble Drying
  • Dimensions: (H)120 x (W)70 cm

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